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“Trip of a Lifetime” is a term often used in the travel industry. However the chance to experience The Ashes Cricket at Lords, The US Masters Golf at Augusta or The Tennis Final at Wimbledon definitely comes under the category of a “The Dream Holiday”. These dream events are often perceived to be unattainable: How to get the elusive ticket? Where to stay? How to get there?

A Sports Travel package combining the excitement of the event, the allure of the destination and the buzz of “Nothing Beats Being There” brings the dream within reach.

Premium Sport Tours, established in 1992, is one of Australia’s oldest and leading sporting travel companies. We have organised more tours for a more diverse range of sporting events than any other operator in the country.  And our focus has always been on providing specialist expertise and personal service with the emphasis on quality of product.

Our escorted tours are hosted by the most pre-eminent sportsmen in the relevant fields and are still actively involved in all aspects of their sport. They are accompanied by our own staff to ensure the all aspects of the tours run smoothly, and they also enhance our intimate staff knowledge of all events we promote. Our management team are also suitably qualified in their own fields of expertise on the travel and operational side of the business.

Our experience and longevity in the industry has allowed us to forge strong personal relationships and professional respect with both local and international organizations.  Our business networks guarantee experience and reliability and the assurance that your “Trip of a Lifetime” will be of the highest standard in terms of quality and content, and at the best possible price.

 Premium Sport Tours is a Licensed Travel Agent, and a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the Australian Travel Inddustry Association (ATIA). As members of the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS) we have the endorsement for the compliance, professional conduct and business ethics expected of our industry. When purchasing tickets or travel, ask if the company you are dealing with is a licensed travel agent and ATAS member. We have also been endorsed by the leading sporting bodies of the world to be their official tour providers, and we are proud of their endorsements, as these are not given lightly and only after intense scrutiny by the relevant bodies.  

Our Australian Business number is ABN 79 611 703 437

Travel Agent License

Licence No 31914

IATA Agent Accredited

IATA 96804993


ATIA Membership 3781

ATAS Accredited

ATAS Accreditation A11017

OTO Logo 2023
CA Licensed Travel Operator
Singapore Grand Prix 2023
T20 World Cup Agent
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