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Tour packages for the UK Ashes 2023 are now available!​ Be there live in England as Australia aims defend the The Urn in England for the first time since 2001.

UK Ashes 2023 Tour Options:

Tour 1 includes Tests 1 and 2 at Birmingham and Lord's, with a trip between tests to Paris and battlefields of Northern France.

Tour 2 includes Tests 2 and 3 at Lord's and Leeds, with a quick trip to Belfast between Tests.

Tour 3 includes Tests 3 and 4 at Leeds and Manchester, with an Eastern European trip between matches where we'll visit Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

Tour 4 will begin in Eastern Europe, before heading to England for the last two tests in Manchester & The Oval.

Premium Sport Tours are pleased to announce that former Australian Test and ODI player Ray Bright will be joining our tour as host for the UK Ashes 2023. Ray has hosted several tours with Premium Sport Tours, including the last Ashes Tour in 2019 and has an extensive knowledge of the current Australian Cricket Team.

Ray Bright
CA Licensed Travel Operator - UK ASHES 2023

Premium Sport Tours, a Cricket Australia Travel Office Licensed Travel Operator for the UK Ashes 2023.




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